What type of equipment do you rent?
Randolph Hardware offers a large variety of home project and light construction equipment for the homeowner and contractor. Please take a look at our rate guide to check out our full selection of equipment available for rent.

Do you have party rentals?
We do not offer party rentals. Our focus is providing top-notch equipment rental and service for construction and renovation projects.

How do I rent equipment?
We work hard to make the rental experience quick and convenient for you. If you are a new renter we can reserve equipment with just a name and phone number. When you come in to pick up your rental, you will need to provide a valid ID and a security deposit. If your rental is to be delivered, you will need to stop by before the delivery date to provide ID and security deposit. We would be happy to provide further details, please call or email us.

How do rental rates work?
We recognize there are small jobs and big jobs, and every project is different. On most equipment we offer two hour, four hour, daily, weekly and monthly rates. You can pick the amount of time that serves your needs best!

Why do some rentals use an hour meter?
Often large equipment includes an hour meter to record running time. Most metered rental equipment includes a specified number of hours for use during the duration of the rental contract. The number of hours included in each rent will be explained to you before you rent the equipment. To find out if the equipment you are interested in is metered, please call or email us.

When do I pay for my rental?
All payments are due upon return of the equipment. At this time we can adjust for an early or late return and the consumables used if the rental included a supply kit. Because of the complications in rental times and the amount of consumables used, we do not accept prepayment. Please keep this in mind if you plan to have someone return the equipment for you.

What payment methods do you accept?
All major credit cards are accepted for payments and for security deposits. Cash, check and payment to Randolph Hardware accounts are also accepted for payment of a rental.

What if I return equipment early?
When equipment is returned early, we will prorate your rental for the amount of time you actually had the equipment. For instance, if you have a rental contract for four hours, and then return the equipment in two, we only charge you for the two-hour rent.

What if I return equipment late?
We ask, if you know you are running late, to please call and let us know so we can ensure renters waiting for your return are notified. Equipment returned late will be prorated for the additional time in excess of the original contract return time. For instance, if your contract is for two hours and you return after three, a four-hour rental pro-rate will apply to your contract. Please remember, equipment that does not return when scheduled can create great inconvenience for the next scheduled renter and incur additional charges.

Can I return equipment after hours?
Rentals must be returned during business hours. Equipment left unattended after hours is not recognized as returned. Contracts will continue running and the equipment is still the responsibility of the lessee.

Why should I make a reservation?
Reservations ensure the equipment will be ready and waiting when you arrive. During the high demand season for certain equipment it may not be possible to stop in and rent what you are looking for. Highly popular seasonal items include log splitters, pressure washers and tillers. If you know when you want equipment for, it’s always a safe bet to make a reservation. If you find a reservation isn’t going to work for you, please let us know so we can contact any other customers who may be waiting to rent the equipment.

How are security deposits calculated?
Security deposits are calculated as twice the expected cost of the rental period, with a minimum deposit of $100. Security deposits on large equipment is often calculated as the total of the rental contract plus one additional day. Security deposits are required of new customers, customers who have not rented for extended periods of time, or have never rented large equipment before. Security deposits are accepted in credit card form only.

Why do I have to leave another security deposit?
If you are asked to leave a security deposit again, it is most likely because you have not rented for an extended period of time or have never rented large equipment before.

Who can sign a rental contract?
The account holder must sign the contract or identify individuals authorized to sign to the account. Additional authorized individuals may only be added by the account holder in person with the provision of valid ID. It is not possible to add individuals by phone, fax or any other method.

Why do I have to show ID before renting equipment?
Randolph Hardware takes consumer protection seriously and makes every effort to deter identity theft or other fraudulent use of customer accounts. When asked to provide ID, we are not suggesting distrust of you, but respect for your personal information and security.

Who can pick up rental equipment?
Individuals authorized to sign for the account may pick up equipment. Individuals who are not listed as authorized signers for the account will not be permitted to sign or remove equipment from the rental yard. It is possible for an authorized individual to sign a contract in advance of pickup by another.

Can I transport the equipment?
All equipment can be transported by the lessee, permitted it can be moved safely. We reserve the right to refuse to load or permit equipment to be taken if it cannot be transported or hauled safely. Please call ahead to discuss transportation of equipment if you have any concerns or doubts.

Do you deliver?
We do deliver! Everything from wallpaper steamers to excavators is available for delivery directly to your jobsite. Our $50 delivery fee covers delivery and pickup within a ten-mile radius of the rental center. Please call for rates on your delivery.

What if I am unfamiliar with the equipment I’m renting?
We take our responsibility to provide you with a safe and satisfying rental experience very seriously. We provide hands on training for our customers. We will take the time to answer all your questions and make sure you are truly comfortable operating the equipment before you ever leave the yard. If you have any questions or concerns while on the worksite, we are available 24 hours a day to answer your questions by phone.

Why do I need training again if I have rented the equipment before?
Your safety is our priority. Even if you are familiar with the operation of equipment, we will review the safety precautions and features of the equipment to ensure your safety and satisfaction.

Who can operate rented equipment?
The operation of some equipment is complicated and may end up in personal injury or property damage if used incorrectly. For this reason, it is our policy to train the equipment operator in the safe operation of the equipment. If the individual using the equipment is not the one signing the contract, please be sure this person is present at the time of pickup to receive proper training.

What about supplies for use with my rental?
Many rentals, such as floor sanders, are provided with a kit that includes several sheets of the grits you are likely to need to complete your task. These kits can eliminate the stress of trying to guess what you need and possibly making multiple trips for additional supplies. The best part, you only pay for what you use! Additional items for your project, such as dusk masks, paint or cleaners, are available for sale right here.

Why are bits or blades not included?
Most tools utilizing bits or blades can be used with many different sizes or types of accessories for drilling, boring and cutting. We offer many of these options for rent with your equipment rental. Accessories we don’t offer for rent are available for purchase.

What should I do if I have a problem?
Please call us. We offer a 24/7/365 service line to make sure you have the advice and help you need with your rental. Whether you are having a problem with the equipment or not sure what nozzle to select for use with the pressure washer, we are here to answer your questions and provide solutions. We are proud to be with you every step of the way!

Who do I contact after hours if I need help?
With every rental we provide you a contact number that will connect you to a real, live technician any time of day or night. Please call this number with any questions or needs you have after hours.

Why do I need to contact Dig Safe before digging?
Maine law requires homeowner and contractors to contact Dig Safe before performing any groundbreaking work on public or private property. Dig Safe is a free service that provides inspection and marking of your site for underground utilities. This call helps keep you and your neighbors safe.

Do I need to fuel the equipment?
All four-cycle equipment is provided with a full tank of fuel and we ask it be returned the same way. All two-cycle equipment is provided with a full tank and a full fuel can of premixed gas and oil. This can is provided for your convenience and does not need to be returned full.

If I really like the rental equipment can I buy it?
Absolutely! All rental equipment is for sale at all times. Please check out our used equipment board in store and listing on the website for really great deals on well maintained rental equipment.

Can you service the equipment I own?
Randolph Hardware is an authorized service center for many equipment and generator manufacturers. Please call for details on your equipment service options.

Do I need insurance to rent equipment?
Randolph Hardware requires all vehicles transporting equipment to be insured. Check with your insurance agent for their recommendation on the amount of coverage you should carry when renting equipment. Please remember, the account holder renting the equipment is responsible for any damage to equipment or property. Please seek the advice of your insurance agent before renting.

Can I purchase insurance for rental equipment from Randolph Hardware?
Additional equipment insurance can be purchased through your insurance agent. Randolph Hardware does not offer insurance.